headshot of michael lambui. he is standing in a narrow tree-lined street of brick houses. Michael is wearing a white short-sleeved collared shirt with dark blue paint streaks. he has a short mustache and horn-rimmed glasses.

BFA '16

Theater Design & Technology (BFA)

Michael Lambui is a freelance set and lighting designer based in Philadelphia. He loves any and all work that is unconventional whether it be the language of the piece or the setting. Michael has a strong connection to work that brings the audience in as not just spectators but as participants of the piece. While growing up on Long Island, in close proximity to NYC he found that the one thing that brought him true joy was working behind the scenes to bring a production to life. Currently he’s the Production Coordinator at the Philadelphia Ballet where he facilitates all aspects of production for Philadelphia Ballet II, the second company.

UArts is such a special place, the amount of hands-on work a student gets is unparalleled. The faculty, adjuncts and staff are all there to help you personally succeed.

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