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Screenwriting (BFA)

"Writing characters that embody the people you love is just always so fulfilling because it’s like, now I’ll always have this little piece of them with me."

Jenny is a Filipino screenwriter and filmmaker who (proudly) grew up in the DMV (as in DC, Maryland, Virginia--not the car place) and currently attends University of the Arts. Her love of storytelling started as early as 1st or 2nd grade, when 7 year old Jenny would wake up every morning and invent a whole storyline for what adventures her Barbies would go through that day, and of course religiously tune in to Friday night premieres on Disney Channel to sit in awe of how they filmed this week's new Wizards of Waverly Place.

For someone who bluntly tells everyone she meets that she knows nothing about music, all of her work always relies on a carefully handcrafted soundtrack (seriously you should see all of her Apple Music playlists). But the thing that her work relies on a lot more is her friends. Jenny loves creating characters inspired by the people she knows and loves and creating locations based on the places she knows and loves. Whether it's taking audiences to the secret music studio in her best friend's basement or some suburban Maryland neighborhood or the Filipino market down the street or even the inside of her old '95 Saturn, Jenny always writes her characters into the places she knows best because she wants her audiences to know and love them too.

"There’s still little moments of beauty from our lives that exist in these stories."


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