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Screenwriting (BFA)

“I’ve always been fond of the craft of acting, but I was too shy to perform on stage or in front of a camera. Screenwriting has become the perfect avenue to embody different characters through my writing rather than physical performance.”

Logan Milot is a Screenwriting major at University of the Arts. He has had a passion for writing since he was a child and dabbled in many forms including fiction, poetry, and playwriting. It was not until high school that he discovered the craft of screenwriting which merged his two favorite things: writing and film. As both an avid writer and film buff, it made sense that screenwriting would become his artistic avenue of expression. He recently wrote and produced his first short film centered around two women who meet and fall in love in the city of Philadelphia. He has also been active as co-president of Media Now where he helps create videos and other news media centered around events held on campus. He is currently developing multiple film and television projects that he hopes to one day produce.