Skylar Watkins '21 (Film) Shoots Music Video for Low Cut Connie

April 12, 2021

UArts Film major Skylar Watkins ‘21 just produced and directed a new music video for the band Low Cut Connie. The video is for the song “Charyse”, which is the latest single from the band’s 2020 double album, Private Lives

Rolling Stone wrote that the video “boasts a moody, late-night feel, but one that seems filled with possibility and mystery. Watkins, who is also a photo minor and a celebrated photographer on the Philly indie music scene, met the lead singer of the band, Adam Weiner, at a photoshoot. The video is one of three music videos that Watkins is completing for her senior film thesis.

Watkins says, “Low Cut Connie gave me a lot of creative freedom in setting up the actual shoots with the models and really trusted my creative vision.” Watkins also worked with a number of current students and grads on the project, including Georgia Wescott ’21 (Photography), Kennedy Shaw ’22 (MBET), Leah Prather BFA ’20 (Film), Gabriela Barbieri BFA ’20 (Fine Arts) and Kimberly Redman BFA ’18 (Theater Design and Technology).