Black and white image of a smiling girl with bangs

BFA '21

Film (BFA)

Why did you choose University of the Arts?
I initially wanted to be a scientist before spontaneously deciding to become an artist. While looking to move from Eastern Europe to the United States, I was doing a little research about cities and really fell in love with Philadelphia. I saw University of the Arts, and I decided to give it a shot. Once I got accepted, I felt like it meant something and decided to change the idea about my whole future. 
What has been the most exciting aspect of the program, creatively?
The Film department has been absolutely incredible. The people and professors I have been able to work with are highly creative individuals who introduced me to the world of art and helped me find my place within it, as well. I appreciate every Film class I took, because it really expanded my understanding of filmmaking and its history. I find it really amazing how much being a part of the program changed my whole life and my personality, too. I came to this school with almost no knowledge about art and film, but I am leaving with the confidence that I can spend my life making it.   
What do you want people to know about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a great place to start a career. It has so much to offer and is really beautiful. Philly carries a soul with it that I haven’t seen in any other city. It is neither too big or expensive, so that makes this city very convenient, especially for someone who is coming from a very small city/country like I do. 
As a filmmaker, Philly offers a variety of very different locations/architecture/nature that I have really enjoyed discovering. My past four years at University of the Arts made me feel like I am at home, even though I grew up on the other side of the world.