Side view of a boy looking through binoculars at a body of water.

BFA '22

Film (BFA)

Why did you choose University of the Arts?
I chose University of the Arts because of its location and the unique opportunity to dabble in other artforms outside my major. Through my experiences in the Theater School, I’ve been able to better collaborate with actors in my own films. Attending a smaller university allows for a more intimate learning experience and a tighter-knit community that I don’t think you can get at a lot of other schools. 
What has been the most exciting aspect of the program, creatively?
The most exciting aspect of the program creatively has been getting to wear many different hats and develop my own artistic voice. I’m not going to school just for editing, just for directing or just for screenwriting. I get to do everything, and I have the opportunity to do it with a lot of different people.
What do you want people to know about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia can rumble with the best of them. It’s big enough to be the center of the world but small enough for it to be accessible. This is a city with a rich history, a heck of a lot of character, and I'm proud to call it a home.