Seph McAndrew

BFA '20

Screenwriting (BFA)

I’m a writer, but I’m also a director, performer, and photographer. I chose UArts because I knew I could strengthen and explore all of my talents. I wanted to go to a school where I could find my individual artistic expression and work on independent projects, that way I could bring my own well-rounded understanding of art and self into the industry.

Along with all of that, I wanted to spend my four undergrad years in a welcoming community. I grew up in a very small religious town, and being openly queer wasn’t easy. I knew UArts would not only be accepting, but flowing with allies and a vast LGBTQIA+ community. Every day I feel respected and cared for as a student. My ideas and feelings are taken seriously, and I feel comfortable and confident to move forward into my future.

Independent Projects:

Synonyms for Crazy (Writer/Director/Producer.)
An original web miniseries revolving around the spiraling sanity of a college student.

A Flower Hanging Upside Down (Writer/Director/Producer.)
A futuristic one act play tied together with experimental film/sound focusing on life, death, and trauma.

Blood, Hate, and Other Gruesome Things (Writer.)
A one act play about sibling relationships placed into the most extreme conditions of the apocalypse.

With Synonyms and Flower, I had acting, musical theater, illustration, film, and music majors collaborating one way or another. Blood on the other hand was part of the theater school’s home series, and we had actors, directors, producers, stage managers, prop masters, lighting, sound, and set designers. It’s important to know that together, each of our expertise helps create the whole, and the whole is the goal.

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