Luke Desmone headshot

BFA '17

As a student and artist at UArts it's important to immerse yourself in your practice and community. Nurturing the growth and creativity of your work and self is important but it's equally as important to communicate with those around you. 


Luke is a Philadelphia based ceramic artist who received his BFA in Craft & Material Studies from UArts in 2017. His work utilizes the emotion, color, form, and curiosity he associates with discovering and understanding oneself in relation to the community.  He attempts to communicate his fascination with the misunderstood and fantastic, addressing humanness and the intricacies that are developing and changing in the post-digital era—the productivity, intelligence, and ignorance that has yet to be explored. 

Luke is currently an artist in residence at UArts and interns at The Clay Studio. He has been awarded the Liz Stewart Award and has been published both locally and internationally; recent shows include Tyler School of Art and Philadelphia's City Hall. Desmone plans to teach art in China where he'll explore new territories, meet new people, and embrace the cultural shift.

Luke is from Pittsburgh, PA.