Elaina DiMonaco head shot

BFA '13

Theater - Directing, Playwriting & Production (BFA)

Since graduating, I have directed professionally for regional theatres, self-produced in the Fringe festival for multiple years, formed meaningful development relationships with local playwrights, toured with several original works, and been a resident dramaturg for PlayPenn- one of the nation’s leading conferences for new play development. I have been able to sustain a meaningful career and artistic process, while also continuing to forge new relationships and challenge myself.

I met some of my core artistic collaborators in school. We learned and grew together, and now I run a small company with one of them! My experience in the Directing, Playwriting, and Production program taught me to initiate and execute my own work as the leader of a collaborative team, while also being able to contribute effectively in smaller roles to existing groups of collaborators. 

UArts was a program that celebrated my split focus with a resounding “YES, you can try that!” There was room to grow, fail spectacularly, tackle your fears, seek feedback hungrily, and build your artistic process before you’re launched into the world. That attitude that was instilled in me has kept my work afloat, and I try and keep all doors open as I continue my journey.

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