UArtists to Watch in the 2020 Philly Fringe Festival

September 14, 2020

The 2020 Philly Fringe Festival is upon us! This year’s festival will be a combination of live and recorded virtual performances, with a few outdoor in-person performances. As always, we are excited to see the inspiring and innovative work performed and produced by UArts students, alumni and faculty. Here are some Fringe projects we suggest you check out this month, from the comfort of your home or safely outdoors.

Happy Fringe!

Woman sitting on an equipment case
Nell Bang-Jensen by Jauhien Sasnou, Pixturebox Creative

1.     The Making of BOY PROJECT

Director: Nell Bang-Jensen (Brind School faculty)
Assistant Director: Alison Ormsby BFA ’18 (Acting)
Core creators: Matthew Armstead MFA ’19 (Theater, Devised Performance), Johanna Kasimow MFA ’17 (Theater, Devised Performance), Eva Steinmetz MFA ’17 (Theater, Devised Performance)
Designer/Composer: Dante Green BFA ’19 (Musical Theater)
Stage Manager: Sara Marinich BFA ’18 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Costume Designer: Jill Keys BFA ’11 (Theater Design & Technology)
Sept. 15–19

2.    Colors of Hope, presented by Da Vinci Art Alliance

Participating artist: Robert Reinhardt MAT ’98 (Visual Arts)
Sept. 6–Oct. 4

3.    PhillyAV 

Audio/Video performance by Gralin Hughes Jr. MFA ’17 (Museum Exhibition Planning & Design)
Sept. 12

4.    Alice’s Adventures in Analog by UgLy Duchess

Creator: Ryan Touhey BFA ’09 (Musical Theater)
Sept. 10–Oct. 4

5.    We’re Here Because You Are

Director: Anastassia Vertjanova BFA ’20 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Playwright: Jaedto Israel ’21 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Programmer: Rory Marinich BS ’12 (Communication)
Illustrator: Kayce Dygert BFA ’20 (Illustration)
Sept. 15–Oct. 3

6.    Elephant Room: Dust from the Stars

Co-creator: Trey Lyford (Brind School faculty)
Sept. 23–26

7.    Being/With: Home by Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Sound Designer/Composer: Mikaal Sulaiman BFA ’03 (Theater) 
Head Stage Manager: Nic Labadie Bartz BFA ’16 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Associate Producer: Sarah Gardner MFA ’17 (Theater, Devised Performance)
Performers: Lillian Ransijn MFA ’17 (Theater, Devised Performance), Annie Wilson BFA ’07 (Dance)
Sept. 10–Oct. 3

8.    Nothing to Show and High Pressure Fire Service Talk

Alexandra Tatarsky MFA ’18 (Theater, Devised Performance)
Sept. 21–Oct. 4

9.    KCBC x Collective Consciousness and KCBC: an·ec·dote

Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company Dancers:
Amanda Boyer ’23 (Dance)
Canyon Carroll ’21 (Dance)
Kimberly Landle BFA ’10 (Dance) - Founder/Director
Aleesha Polite ’24 (Dance)
Blythe E. Smith BFA ’04 (Dance)
Sept. 12–13 and Sept.19–20

10.    Crossover: A New Pop Musical

Boris Dansberry BFA ’20 (Musical Theater) as Maxine “Max” Green
Sept. 24–26

11.    Do mirrors burn?

OhOK Performance Group: Whitney Casal BFA ’15 (Dance) and Britt Davis BFA ’15 (Dance)
Sept. 10–Oct. 4

12.    Field Calls presented by Lupine Performance Cooperative

Nathan Alford-Tate MFA ’19 (Theater, Devised Performance) as “Rhodes” 
Sept. 12–Oct. 2

13.    Villager by The Void in collaboration with 10th Floor Productions

Brittney Anderson BFA ’20 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Jeffrey Bare ’22 (Musical Theater)
Sarah Bastian ’22 (Musical Theater)
India Boone ’22 (Musical Theater)
Bryan Cowan BFA ’20 (Instrumental Performance)
Kelly Fleming ’21 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Daniel Jones BFA ’20 (Musical Theater)
Anna Faye Lieberman BFA ’20 (Musical Theater)
Kashmir Autumn Reed ’22 (Musical Theater)
Erin Renee Russo ’22 (Musical Theater)
Lindsey Silver ’22 (Theater Design & Technology)
Cole Supsic BFA ’20 (Theater Design & Technology)
Dezi Tibbs BFA ’20 (Musical Theater)
Will Vence Jr. ’22 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Sept. 11–13

14.    A Month of Sundays by Take It Away Dance

Dancers: Olivia Bohrer BFA ’19 (Dance) and Alec Chupik BFA ’13 (Dance) 
Piano: Tim Brey (School of Music faculty) 
Sept.13–Oct. 4

15.    DigiREP presented by Coffee and a Play

'Young Money' promotional image of red lips

Discovering Blackness, a short film by Briana Gause BFA ’19 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Young Money dir. Briana Gause BFA ’19 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Lawrence’s Law of Pawn Shops by Jaedto Israel ’21 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
    Michael Jernick BFA ’20 (Acting) as “Kid”
Sept. 17–27

16.    INCREDIBLE DREAMZ presents Friendship Movie Club

Andrew Jeffrey Wright BFA ’93 (Animation)
Sept. 18–Oct. 3

17.    Temporary Occupancy by Die-Cast

Co-creators: Jahzeer Terrell BFA ’15 (Acting) and Andrew Carroll BFA ’12 (Acting)
Sept. 10–Oct. 4

18.    The Philadelphia Matter by David Gordon

Virtual Company: Amalia Colón-Nava BFA ’17 (Dance), Sydney Donovan BFA ’19 (Dance), Justin Jain BFA ’04 (Acting) (Brind School faculty), Shayla-Vie Jenkins (School of Dance faculty), Jungeun Kim (School of Dance faculty), Lauren Putty White BFA ’05 (Dance), Nick Schwasman BFA ’14 (Musical Theater), November Ward ’22 (Dance), Jacinta Lee Yelland MFA ’19 (Theater, Devised Performance)
Sept. 10–Oct. 4

… and many more! Check out to view the full lineup and access performances.