Painting Alum’s Art Process Featured on 6ABC

May 3, 2019

6ABC Action News recently visited the studio of UArts alum and 2011–2012 Fulbright Scholar Maureen Drdak BFA ’75 (Painting). Drdak recently returned from a month-long retreat in Nepal in continuation of her Fulbright work, the Prakriti Project, which pioneered and established the first synthesis of repoussé metalwork and contemporary painting.

Drdak is the only practicing artist in the U.S. who has learned firsthand the ancient metalwork technique, working directly with repoussé master Rabindra Shakya, grandson of the famed historic master Kuber Singh Shakya and owner of Image Atelier in Nepal. Repoussé is an ancient technique in which sheet metal is hammered from both sides to produce a three-dimensional bas-relief.

You can watch her process in the 6ABC story below.