Michael Adams

Museum Studies (MA)

Mike Adams serves Director of Education at the National Constitution Center—but his professional life reflects his deep commitment to serving the small museum community, particularly in the Philadelphia region.  Since 2016, he has served as President of Philadelphia’s Historic Neighborhood Consortium (PHNC), a nonprofit organization that supports the work of nearly two dozen small museums and historic sites through cooperative activities and programs to promote use and knowledge of “America’s most historic square mile.”  As Adjunct Professor in the Museum Studies graduate program at the UArts, Mike empowers a new generation of emerging museum professionals with the knowledge and skills to serve the museum community while making their own voices heard in the ever-changing museum landscape.  Mike also serves on the board of the Museum Council of Greater Philadelphia, working to bring together museum professionals and museum-goers from across the region to experience the full range of Philadelphia’s museum community.  He has also consulted—often at no cost—with a number of small museums in Philadelphia’s historic district as they took first steps in developing new education programs and initiatives, while also connecting museums with schools in their communities.  In all, he uses his professional network, experiences, and skills as a communicator to support the small museum community and small museums throughout Philadelphia, specifically, working to support his peers and the public they serve.  

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