Headshot of MeeRee Orlandini

BFA '19

Creative Writing (BFA)

MeeRee Orlandini is the Creative Writing coordinator for UArts Summer Institute and a first grade assistant teacher at Germantown Friends School, an independent, private K–12 school in Northwest Philadelphia. After going virtual in 2020, MeeRee has resumed in-person instruction and is braving each day with a cohort of 17 six- and seven-year-olds.

In spring 2021, MeeRee taught a series of mini-lessons in which she introduced her first grade class to poetry and some rudimentary forms. She also taught a lesson on poetic imagery in the second grade classroom.

As for writing life after BFA, MeeRee says, “I’m still figuring it out. I’m leaving the doors wide open and seeing whether graduate school in Creative Writing or Literature is the right choice. I’m enjoying teaching full-time right now.”

Since completing her BFA theses in short fiction and poetry, MeeRee has participated in readings at UPenn’s Kelly Writers House and the Penn Book Center in Philadelphia. Her poem "The Only Way We Talk About It" was recently published in jubilat.

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