Margo Wunder standing against an orange brick wall and wearing a blue art smock over a black tee shirt

Art Education (MAT)

Margo Wunder is an artist and art educator and an advocate for all students, facilitating the healing process for underserved children and students with diverse learning needs and nurturing creative processes in developing 21st-century thinking skills. She is a graduate and undergraduate lecturer, preparing postsecondary students to enter the field of art and design education empowered with the knowledge, empathy and necessary skill sets to be successful and impactful arts educators.


Margo Wunder began her teaching career 25 years ago as a volunteer painting instructor at a wheelchair community in Philadelphia. She remains an active advocate for the disability community in art education and serves as a board member for state and national affiliations. She is the K–12 art instructor at Martin Luther School, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, where she serves students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges. She is also looking forward to her sixth year lecturing at University of the Arts.


Wunder has extensive teaching experience. 

  • She has been a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design Education at University of the Arts from January 2017 to the present. In that role, she provides an overview of the entire field of K–12 art education by

    • developing skills, techniques and strategies for integrating developmentally appropriate aesthetics and art criticism activities in the K–12 classroom using prevailing theories of learning, teaching and child development; and 

    • facilitating the design of aesthetics activities and curricula that promote the philosophical investigation and interpretation of art and aesthetic objects.

  • Wunder has also been a K–8 art instructor at Martin Luther School, Silver Springs, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, from January 2016 to the present. There, she serves  students with severe emotional, behavioral, mental health and autistic support needs. 

  • At Universal Daroff Charter School in Philadelphia from 2012 to 2015, Wunder was a K–8 and life skills art instructor, as well as a staff mentor, an Instructional Leadership team member, and a founder of numerous clubs and programming efforts. 

  • At Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia from 2012 to 2014, Wunder served as a sculpture instructor for Fleisher’s Children and Youth Program, teaching students ages 7–12 with a wide range of learning needs and cultural backgrounds.

  • She was a substitute teacher for art, literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, music and technology in grades K–8 at William Meredith Elementary, Philadelphia, from 2010 to 2012.

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Awards & Accolades

Wunder has been recognized with the 

  • Pennsylvania Art Education Association Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator 2022 and 

  • NAEA Larry Marone Grant 2022.

Art gives us a voice... Raise it!

A mug painted abstractedly in blue and green and yellow and tan
A wide vase painted abstractedly with pink and brown and green and white as well as bits of black lace