A headshot of Luke Giordano in a black shirt and standing in front of a tree

Photography (BFA)

Luke Giordano is a comedy and animation writer who has worked for CBS, Warner Bros, DreamWorks Animations and other studios. 


Luke Giordano has over a decade of experience as a working writer on sitcoms, animated TV, feature films and more. His first industry job was as a staff writer on Two and a Half Men, and he has years of experience in comedy writers rooms, as a head writer, writing feature films freelance, doing uncredited script punchup and virtually every other way a working writer makes a living in Hollywood. He holds a BS in Screenwriting and Playwriting from Drexel University.


Giordano‚Äôs vast professional experience includes working as 

  • Staff writer for Two and a Half Men (CBS),

  • Staff writer for Marvin Marvin (Nickelodeon),

  • Staff writer for Dinotrux (DreamWorks Animation),

  • Story editor for Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz (Warner Bros Animation), and

  • Writer of three feature film romantic comedies for Reel One Entertainment.