Headshot of Loren Marquardt

MEd '19

Educational Program Design (Online MEd)

Being an educator or an artist is about lifelong learning.  UArts has supported both my teacher education and creative learning quests throughout my career.

Loren Marquardt is an art educator and artist living in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Loren received her bachelor of fine arts from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University, a master of fine arts from the University of the Arts, and most recently, a master of education in Educational Program Design from the University of the Arts. Her capstone research focused on authentic learning experiences, student self-efficacy and the self-directed art student.  

As an experienced secondary art teacher with over twenty years of practice, pursuing an MEd through UArts meant rethinking pedagogical knowledge to address 21st century teaching and learning methodology. Loren also makes time for her own studio work. She views this work as both a conceptual and poetic practice and often combines drawing or painting with various forms of printmaking and stitching techniques. These mixed media methods include multiple layers that can become three-dimensional drawings or installations.