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Academic Support & Resources

Learning Access Support one-on-one meetings provide students with time management tools, organization tips, accountability, and overall academic advice in the form of weekly coaching sessions, email check ins, or goal-setting worksheets and planners. 

  • Meetings are free to all students and sessions can last as little as 15 minutes or as long as one hour. Sessions are run by staff members of the university.

Who benefits from academic support?

Goal-setting meetings can help students prioritize and build successful strategies.  Students talk through assignments and receive organization tips, regardless of GPA, disability, or grade level. 

Scheduling an Academic Support Session

  • Schedule a one time appointment through you can book me

  • Once on the booking website, click Academic Success Check-in to schedule an academic support meeting. Schedule "Academic Success Check ins."

  • Choose a time that works best for you, and you will be notified with more information through email.

Strategies to Support Your Learning

The transition to college can be challenging, but an important part of being successful is about managing your time. We encourage you to create strong personal and academic skills for the semester that will become critical life-long learning habits for the future.  There are many tools and apps available to help you.

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Organization, Planning, and Productivity
  • Note-Taking Express - Contact to register for Note-taking Express if you are a student who qualifies with a disability through OEA
  • Notability - Capture your thoughts and notes in one place
  • Evernote - Organizing, note-taking, and task management all in one
Mindfulness and Stress Management
Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech
Accessibility Features

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More Learning Resources