Laptop Requirement

All incoming first-year and transfer students are required to have a laptop. A laptop is an essential tool, used for everything from simply checking email and registering for classes to creating design work; recording sound; editing video; crafting short stories, screenplays and poems; participating in remote classes and completing writing assignments in Critical Studies coursework. 

It is the sole responsibility of the student to be sure that they have access to the tools needed to complete their coursework. A laptop is no exception. Students entering their first year are welcome to bring in a laptop they already own, as long as it meets minimum requirements specific to the area of study the student is entering. For more information, see the Laptop FAQ.

We also strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty in addition to the laptop. Students have free access to Google Drive but may also want to consider purchasing an external hard drive or a cloud backup solution to backup their work. 


We have an online store set up with Apple to ensure access to any student discounts that may be available and to make purchasing easier.


Software is provided for free on laptops meeting the minimum requirements. A complete list of available software can be found on our Software page. Please note that, although Microsoft Office is not provided by the university, an online version is available from Microsoft for free for students. Our Help Desk can help you access it.


Specifications vary depending on the program and classes. If you know what software you will be using in your coursework refer to the minimum requirements to run that software. You can also consult with your program or our Help Desk if you are unsure. Keep in mind that software requirements change over time so if you spec low now you may need to upgrade later on in order to run the same software.

For school year 2024-2025 we recommend a laptop that can run either Windows 11 or macOS 13 or higher. Generally a minimum of 16 GB of RAM is recommended and ample hard drive space to store your files.


Updated 2/29/2024