Headshot of Kristina Roehr

MEd '21

Educational Technology (Online MEd)

In the 21st-century educational environment, educators must continue to develop and learn so that we ensure our students grow and prosper. If we expect to see a change in our students, we must seek change in the way we proceed with using technology to curate, create and produce profound lessons that drive inquiry.

Kristina Roehr is a computer literacy educator in the Gloucester Township Public Schools district. She serves as a mentor, support on-site coordinator and technology trainer, and strives to deliver a contagious positive attitude.

Kristina graduated in 2002 from Springfield College with a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education. After developing and implementing a new elementary Digital Literacy curriculum program for her school district, she decided to continue to develop her skill in this area through the University of the Arts and pursue her master of education in Educational Technology.

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