Kaytlynn Capasso photo

BM '16 (Saxophone), MAT '17 (Music Education)

Music Education (BM & MAT)

Through UArts I was able to obtain my Bachelor of Music in saxophone performance and a Master of Arts in Teaching. My experience through both programs has definitely prepared me for professionally teaching and gigging. I came in as a freshman and left as a professional.

I grew up in Carney’s Point, NJ and having Philadelphia as a campus has been an amazing experience. UArts has provided me with numerous opportunities both inside and outside of my comfort zone. It has pushed me to try new things and has introduced me to many people. The sense of community is amazing.

I am both an educator and a musician. In my time away from teaching, I’m usually practicing my doubles, working on writing and arranging songs and hanging out and enjoying life!

Kaytlynn is currently a music teacher in Anne Arundel County Public Schools, MD.

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