A headshot of Katie Vickers

Dance (MFA)

Katie Vickers is an American artist, a graduate of PARTS (2014) and of The Ohio State University (2010). She has danced for and with Daniel Linehan (USA), Albert Quesada (SP), Martin Nachbar (GE), Benjamin Vandewalle (BE), Vera Tussing (GE), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Kendell Geers (ZA) and Thierry de May (BE), and has been a guest artist for the Cullberg Ballet’s Figure a Sea, choreographed by Deborah Hay. She has conducted workshops internationally and spearheaded the Mercersburg Academy Summer Program for Dance and Theatre in the USA as well as Practicing Performance at The Ohio State University and Philadelphia.

Katie steers towards environments and various collaborations with people that challenge her development of methods to take existing knowledge in new directions. Her own work and research spans through a variety yet their common ground is to question the use of the body to find the unfamiliar in the familiar. In 2014, Katie created Slogan for Modern Times with Inga Huld Hakonardottir, a duet interested in the temporality of the sublime and monstrosity. After the PARTS graduation tour, it became an evening-length production premiering in Monty in 2015. Following that, she created 5 Seasons (2016) with Benjamin Pohlig, a duet made on their long collaborations together based on pop music and identity. Both pieces performed and premiered in the festival Bouge B in deSingel. These projects have been supported by institutions such as Dommelhof TAKT, Vooruit, School Van Gaasbeek, STUK, wpZimmer, Uferstudios and Schloss Bröllin.

She premiered We Will Have Had Darker Futures (2017) in deSingel with Inga Huld Hakondottir and Rebecka Stillman, based on the temporality of fear and hope. In Spring 2018, she choreographed Tribute for the amateur group Degenoten in Belgium. She recently finished The home of Dance, a research project on alternative spaces for performances, rethinking the theatre home (supported by Flanders government).

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