A black and white closeup of Joesph Game aka Chogrin

BFA ’07

Illustration (BFA)

For me, it all started with studying Illustration at UArts. Illustration represented endless possibilities: the fact that you could create a whole story from one single image on a page, you could create a whole universe, or a toy, or a children’s book, or a film, or all of the above. That power, that idea, is what I’ve constantly chased after ever since. It’s what keeps me going every day as an artist.”


Joseph Game, also known as Chogrin, is an animator, illustrator, curator and designer who has worked in animation on Clerks III, Adventure Time, Regular the Movie, Big City Greens and other series and films.

In 2022, he worked with Netflix to create a series of Stranger Things products, and in 2021, he published Kid del Toro, a children’s book about acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro. His own animated film, Lucky Brave’s Sunshine, premiered in animation festivals in 2023.

Lucky Brave’s Sunshine, written and directed by Chogrin

A pink and sea green and yellow and white figure with a Venus flytrap like head that depicts Elegorgon from Stranger Things
Elegorgon “Stranger Things”/Netflix toy by Chogrin

Clerks 3: View Askew Productions, logo and animation (2022)