Jimena Paz in profile and standing in front of a cement wall while dancing with her arms bent and raised to her head

Jimena Paz teaches dance at UArts. 


Jimena Paz was born and grew up in Buenos Aires; she has lived and worked in Argentina, the U.S., and Europe. Throughout her work, she explores experiences and questions of foreignness, otherness, interculturalism, inter-being, migration, and the fictional and sensorial aspects of the multiple relationships that exist between body-soul-land-environment-cultures. 

Most recently, Paz has been working on an interview project titled Conversaciones. The intention of this project is to expand the conversations and awareness about Latine/x artists and culture/s in Westernized dance and bring to the conversation the important voices of immigrant artists and to learn directly from them, in their mother tongue voices. She collaborated with the artist Ralph Lemon for the work In Proximity (2022) at Palazzo Grass, Venice, Italy. Her solo iridescent (2021) was presented at Movement Without Borders and included among The New York Times’ Best of Dance 2021. Other works include Yellow, a co-creation with American artists choreographers Vicky Shick and Ralph Lemon, presented at the Chocolate Factory in 2017. 

Paz is currently studying cultural biology and the work of Humberto Maturana and Ximena Dávila-Yañez, a study, reflection, and conversation about culture/s with people from different regions in the southern hemisphere of Latin America. 


A certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 2006, Paz is also a faculty member at UArts and Movement Research. She has had the pleasure of working with Lance Gries, Vicky Shick, Susan Rethorst, the Stephen Petronio Company (1999–2006), Juliette Mapp, Constanza Macras (Germany), Iris Scaccheri (Argentina), Martha Clake, Liz Gerring, Antonio Ramos, Todd Williams, Burt Barr, Sabrina Farji (Spain-Argentina), Virginie Yassef (France). She was an artist in residence at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (2018), Robert Rauschenberg (2016), and New York Live Arts Studio Series (2013–2014), The Yard (2012) and Movement Research (2007–2009).

She holds an MFA in Dance from Hollins University (2009) and has a diploma in Cultural-Biology (2023). Additionally, she has a dance teaching degree from Instituto Superior de Enseñanza Artística at the Centro de Educación Corporal in Argentina.