Jameela Wahlgren in a denim button down shirt with a gray cat on her shoulder that she is pointing to while looking at the camera

Animation (BFA)

Jameela Wahlgren is an illustrator and educator from Philadelphia, and an Animation instructor at UArts. Most days, she feels like a kid who never grew up but still has to figure out how to pay freelancer taxes.


In 2016, Jameela Wahlgren founded the Philadelphia Illustration Guild to serve as a hub for artists in the city. In the past, she has worked with Disney Hyperion, Vox Media, Norton Young Readers, Tundra Books, National Geographic Kids and other organizations.


Wahlgren has nearly a decade of professional experience working in various fields, from animation and game design to publishing and editorial illustration. She is energetic and passionate about teaching a new generation of artists how to make a living pursuing their dreams.

Visit Jameela Wahlgren’s website. 

Awards & Accolades

Wahlgren’s work has been recognized numerous times. 

  • Light Grey Art Lab Mentorship Award

  • Judges Selection, “Best Restaurant Branding,” Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia

  • Society of Illustrators Award

  • Muddy Colors New Artist Award

An illustration  of a family sitting in a kitchen and smiling while the father places blueberries on a stack of pancakes the child is holding over their head and the mother looks on smilihngin a palette of yellow and green and purple