A headshot of Ph.D. candidate Jessica Hunter-Larsen.


PhD candidate Jessica Hunter-Larsen is associate director of innovation at Colorado College.

The Creativity Immersion seminar flooded me with intellectual challenges; provocative discussions; and wildly creative experiences that have formed a delicious, transformative tangle in my brain. My ways of thinking are forever changed.


“In an era characterized by increasingly ambiguous challenges, how might higher education adapt to cultivate students’ capacities to find new solutions to difficult problems? My research will build upon historical and recent educational practices at Colorado College that develop students’ abilities to cross disciplinary boundaries, generate multiple creative approaches, and develop the courage to confront the unknown. Selected case studies will examine the ways in which specific creative process pedagogies that support these capacities may be scaled into an undergraduate education. The final dissertation will propose the ways in which regular micro-interventions across the curriculum can augment students’ abilities to approach complex 21st century challenges with confidence.”