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Sharing the Wealth

UArtist Day of Giving puts inspiration into action. 

Any community is built on the enthusiasm and dedication of individuals. For the past four years, UArts has demonstrated how powerful individual contributions can be during the UArtist Day of Giving. The annual event took place Feb. 28, 2023, and was a great success.

In all, approximately 1,140 members of the UArts community participated in the fundraising endeavor, a 23.78 percent increase in the number of donors since 2022. That number included students, faculty, staff, and alumni across 38 states.

sheryl oring and jessica kahle stand side by side looking at thie viewer holding a trophy against a background of splatter-pattern artworks.

The Day of Giving is about showing up for UArts and donating what you can. The average gift amount was $79, but the total came to an impressive $246,186, all designated to support student aid.

As usual, the Day of Giving included a bit of friendly competition, spurring the university’s schools and departments to vie for the highest number of donors. The top three schools that received the most individual gifts unlocked additional scholarship funds, courtesy of Trustee Nat Hamilton BFA ’07 (Photography).

Thanks to the hard work of each school’s team of volunteers, the schools of Dance, Art, and Film secured the most donations, received additional matched funds, and took home the coveted UArtist Day of Giving awards.

The School of Art also won the 2023 Alumni Giving Challenge, which unlocked a $50,000 challenge gift. On the staff side, Student Financial Services also unlocked $50,000.

holly janson showing off the socks she designed.

Participants were rewarded with the knowledge that their donations will help future students access a UArts education and all the opportunities that come along with it.

And with a gift of $25 or more, donors received UArtist socks designed by then-student Holly Jansen BFA ’23 (Illustration)—a reminder that being part of a supportive community is something everyone can carry with them.




Mark your calendars: The next UArtist Day of Giving will be held Feb. 27, 2024!