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DEIA Education

DEIA education is vital in today’s society, as it promotes awareness and understanding of different identities, experiences and perspectives. Through our education channels, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable environment by addressing systemic barriers and promoting equal opportunities for all individuals.

Academic Classes

UArts offers a variety of courses to students pursuing a DEIA-focused education.

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I view life completely differently since my time abroad. [Visiting] Italy motivated me to work harder and learn my own language (Spanish) and learn Italian as well. Since my trip, I have been researching art residencies and organizations daily, taking Spanish lessons outside my university courses, and contacting art organizations for jobs and exhibition opportunities.
— Elizabeth Ramos

DEIA Core Values Certificate

The DEIA Core Values Certificate Program establishes the concepts and critical thinking needed to advance equitable and inclusive practices throughout our university community. It will also establish an ongoing educational process through our micro-credential initiative for faculty and staff development, providing timely and relevant knowledge and engaging employees in continuous learning.

Inclusive Advising

The DEIAC at University of the Arts is dedicated to working with our community to provide learning experiences that prioritize inclusivity and embrace decolonization as a continual process. We aim to establish an innovative and collaborative learning environment that recognizes all individuals’ and communities’ experiences and perspectives and promotes a holistic and sustainable approach to creative practice.

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