Screenwriting (BFA)

David Greenberg teaches screenwriting, writing the short film, writing comedy, and writing for TV. 


David J. Greenberg has written or doctored over 60 screenplays. His feature writing and directing debut, Stomping Ground, premiered at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in 2016. His 1995 short film, The True Meaning of Cool, won an award from the American Film Institute. In spring 2021, Greenberg co-produced the feature Seclusion, which will be released in 2023. He is currently in post-production on a documentary titled 22 Indictments.

A Philadelphia native with deep ties to the local filmmaking community, Greenberg teaches screenwriting at Drexel University and University of the Arts. His book Screenwriting For Low-Budget Films was released by British publisher Routledge Press in November 2021 and was recently ranked No. 16 on’s list of the 20 Best Screenwriting Books of All Time.


  • Greenberg has over 25 years of professional screenwriting work and nearly 20 years of university-level teaching experience, as well as feature producing and directing experience. He has also authored magazine articles and books.

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Awards & Accolades

Greenberg’s work has been recognized with

  • an AFI award for The True Meaning of Cool (short film, 1995), 

  • a Special Jury Award from the LA Neo-Noir Festival for Interrogation (short film, 2014), and

  • a Best Director nomination from the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival for Stomping Ground (feature, 2016).

It’s really easy to make a movie that five people understand. It’s really hard to make something that a lot of people understand and yet is not obvious, still has subtlety and ambiguity, and leaves you with something to do as a viewer.” – Steven Soderbergh

A black and white photo of David Greenberg standing in the woods and surrounded by members of his film crew
David Greenberg directs his feature film, “Stomping Ground.“