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Art Education (MAT)

Connie Koppe holds a BS in Music Education from Indiana University of PA and a Master of Music in Opera from Temple University. She is a Designated Linklater Teacher of Voice and Speech (DLT) and a Certified Practitioner of Phonetic Pillows (CPPP) used for teaching speech, accent reduction and dialect work. She has taught at the University of the Arts for 19 years. She has taught the freshman Voice and Speech classes in the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts for 18 years and several summers for the UArts Summer Institute. In addition, she has taught Creative Practices and several Collaborative Studios for the UArts University Common Curriculum. Her favorite collaborative studio has been a NEUARTS project about communication at Vare Recreation Center. She currently teaches Presentation and Conversation Skills and Diction for the English as a Second Language Institute and Presentation Skills for the Art Education Department. 

Since 1980, she has maintained a private singing and speech studio and has lead arts education workshops for several organizations in schools, in and around Philadelphia, New York State and New Jersey. 

Connie is founder and CEO of COMMAND THE ROOM, empowering business professionals through their bodies and voices. She also leads classes called The Voice Gym Philly, a voice and body warm-up for performing artists. She is co-founder and visiting artist for The Living Bookshelf, a literacy and music program for middle school students.

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