'Resist Covid Take 6!' 360 Experience



Click on the location markers to launch panoramic videos; to access the full-screen view, click on the title of the video. Click and drag your mouse or use the arrow keys to navigate the 360° experience.

The Center for Immersive Media (CIM) at the University of the Arts created 360-degree panoramic documentation of the Carrie Mae Weems installation, Resist Covid Take 6!, currently on view throughout the University of the Arts Center City campus. The project's presentation at UArts is generously supported by the Jessica Hamilton Hardy Visiting Artist Fund.

The installation locations that comprise the Philadelphia iteration of Weems’ project—which include large format posters, video PSAs, posters and window banners—are indicated on the interactive map. 

Instructions for viewing on desktop are included above and notes for mobile—including details on compatibility with virtual reality (VR) viewers—are below.

Learn more about the documentation process.

Mobile/VR viewer instructions:

  • Click links below to launch panoramic videos. 

  • MOBILE: Move your device around to navigate the 360° view and explore the installation.

  • VR VIEWER: Tap the play button to begin playback and select theicon. The screen split will split into two smaller screens. Insert your IOS or Android device into the VR viewer and look around to navigate the 360° experience.

Terra Hall installation.

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Art Alliance installation.

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Hamilton Hall (North) installation.

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Hamilton Hall (South) installation.

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Arts Bank installation.

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