A closeup of C. Larsen drawing on paper with a pencil and wearing a black tank top

Illustration (BFA)

C. Larsen is a Philadelphia-based cartoonist and illustrator.


C. Larsen has been living in Philadelphia for 20 years. There, she toils over an unforgiving drawing board, creating horrible wonders for the amusement of her demon cohort.

A Harvey Award–nominated cartoonist and Illustrator, Larsen has created art for comics, book covers, stories, posters and websites, working with clients such as Dark Horse, Image, IDW, BOOM! Studios, Simon & Schuster, and Cartoon Network.


  • Larsen has 15 years of professional freelance illustration, and 12 years teaching illustration and sequential art.

Visit C. Larsen’s website. 

Awards & Accolades

Larsen has been recognized with

  • a Harvey Award nomination and 

  • a Society of Illustrators honorable mention in surface design.

A group of green creatures in medieval armor wading through green water with a large dark demon hovering in a magenta sky
Six illustration panels in which three panels show a small creature attacking a large horned one and the other three showing a creature resembling a clown fighting with an ogre
A blue and green and black illustration of a knight slumped over on the ground with black floral smoke coming out of its back