Headshot of Kevin Merinsky

Creative Technology Specialist

Long time UArt's Staff member and newly minted Creative Technology Specialist, Kevin Merinsky has spent well over a decade producing creative works in a multitude of different mediums. His career started in the Film industry while he worked as a freelance camera assistant and operator for various high profile clients. Kevin began his career at UArts in Media Resources where he helped to manage film and photographic equipment while continuing his freelance career. In 2015 he transitioned into a fulltime Video Producer at the University of the Arts. A position that lead him to becoming one of the founding Directors in the Marketing department in 2018.

Personal interest lead him to become a self taught creative programmer over the past seven years and he continues his career today as a Creative Technology Specialist with a focus on Web and XR technology in the Center for Immersive Media.

For more about him, you can visit his portfolio site or check out his experiment page.