A headshot of Ph.D. candidate Rose Benson


PhD candidate Rose Benson is a senior nurse anesthetist and researcher at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and a practicing artist.

The UArts PhD in Creativity is an incredibly versatile program that supports me in my investigation into research questions that rest outside the conventional structures of both nursing practice and studio art-making. I believe that the diversity of knowledge and experience within the infrastructure of this program is uniquely suited to guide me as a dual trained professional in asking how the arts can help to alleviate the challenges affecting women experiencing violence in Philadelphia.

Dissertation Proposal

“In Philadelphia, women experiencing both violent and nonviolent trauma—including sexual assault and rape—represent a vulnerable population that demands immediate attention. As a nurse and artist, I intend to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to investigate the needs of women experiencing trauma now, ‘thinking outside the box’ to plan more creatively and innovatively for more effective identification and understanding of the role of support. I will explore narrative art as an intervention tool in promoting resiliency in the continued recovery of female trauma victims.”