Alyssa Willgruber BFA '18, MAT '19

BFA '18 (Painting & Drawing), MAT '19

Art Education (MAT)

As an art educator, I feel it is my responsibility to provide an environment in which students can express themselves freely and creatively. I believe in a choice-based classroom due to the fact that I want students to have a say in their own education. My aim is to create a space that students feel safe in by implementing open communication between everyone, freedom of self-expression and a no-judgment classroom. For instance, concepts I apply include acting as the facilitator in student-run critiques, having students vote on projects they want to do and instilling the importance of how there is no wrong way to make art.


Life is not a destination. Life is a journey. As long as you continue the journey, you will always be a success."—Albert Camus


Being encouraging, positive and inspiring as an educator is what I strive for. By having students create projects that relate to their personal life experiences and teaching lessons which revolve around art in relation to society, students will engage with the materials as well as the subject of art overall. Some of the best teachers I have had inspired me to pursue a career as an art teacher because of their passion and excitement for what they do. I view how they taught me as a model for how I want to be for students of my own. Encouraging and inspiring students to pursue whatever it is they are passionate about is crucial, even if it is not art. Having the opportunity to be that voice or informant that evokes their imagination and innovation would be an honor for me.

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