A portrait of Jason Senk BFA ’01. The background behind him is blurred, he is wearing clear acrylic glasses frames, smiling slightly.

BFA’ 01

Jason Senk BFA ’01 is a producer and project manager in the live event and media production industries. Jason currently works with a team of designers, producers and developers to create uniquely immersive and interactive experiences through new media outlets. Experiential installations, motion-based interactive displays, touch-screen applications, video production and editing, projection mapping and holographic content are just some of the examples of what he does at M1 Interactive exploring new solutions and creative ways to communicate through digital media.

A screenshot showing an interactive radiology lab experience with a virtual tour guide.
Radiology Lab tour
A dark room lit with iridescent/neon colored lights. A person standing at an interactive table appears to be drawing with light.
Video table

Marz SamplAR promo teaser

NFL Experience Times Square