Andrew Smith, artist and self proclaimed Dream Weaver based in Philadelphia


Sculpture (BFA in Fine Arts)

Do as much as you can with the time you have. Be there for friends. Be there for yourself. Show up and show out.

Andrew Smith is an artist and self proclaimed Dream Weaver based in Philadelphia. They received their BFA in Sculpture from the University of the Arts in spring of 2019. They are fueled by the necessity to make and to move. Their ferocity and loving energy is unequivocal. Andrew traverses the world through a variety of modes of expression, with a current emphasis on drag, costume making, fashion and dance. In their practice, Andrew or Gwendy, the artist's drag persona, investigates the intersections of fine art and dance whilst exploring the perception of memories, queerness, love, sex, lust and the power of imagination. Andrew has performed in Philadelphia, New York City and Paris in works created by makers such as Paul Matteson, Yael Bartana, Zoe Scofield, Alan Kaprow reimagined by Alex Da Corte and Jocelyn Cottencin. They have collaborated on dance projects as a costume designer with Jimena Paz, Jesse Zaritt and Katie Swords Thurman. Andrew continues to explore their own making and performance practice while working as a studio assistant for Alex Da Corte making costumes, while also getting the opportunity to co-choreograph and movement direct, and was Da Corte’s makeup artist for interviews with T magazine and the NewYork Times.

Two dancers in black and orange fringe costumes dance around a yellow sculpture

augmented residue of the late deconstruction explorers, 2019; performed by Kris Lee, Maddy Mikami and Parker Wagar; photo by Ian Douglas


A chess board, TV, flowers and candles sit on a yellow sheet

your picture still hangs on my wall - augmented residue of the late deconstruction explorers, 2019


Artist Andrew Smith poses in a black ribbon dress

Black Ribbon Dress, 2020, photo by Brandon Aquino Straus


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