A headshot of Allison Freels '23 (Theater Design & Technology)


Theater Design & Technology (BFA)

Coming into UArts and the Brind School, you’re joining a community of likewise makers. We’re all working to create theater and art that we’re proud of, and we’re always keeping the conversation of our work and its impact open and healthy

Allison Freels is a current sophomore at UArts and Philadelphia area native. While she has no particular focus within Theater Design and Technology, she loves to work hands-on in costumes, props and set design. UArts gives students the opportunity to work on productions as soon as they want through work studies, home series and annual productions like equinox—an entirely student written, produced and created festival of plays. This past semester during her freshman year, Allison worked on equinox as co-props master outside of her daily classes. This experience gave her insight into Brind School productions, collaboration between students and staff and the importance of communication and community in theater settings. After taking projection design this past semester, Allison is excited to be doing hands-on work next semester, applying what she’s learned in the classroom to a production at the Brind School. She’s found that UArts’ location in Philly creates one of the best environments for a creator. Being at UArts allows you to make connections in the professional field early on, while also letting you explore yourself as an artist through other classes and the community.

A skirt and hat made of paper by Allison Freels '23 (Theater Design & Technology)
"Fibers Skirt + Hat"


A miniature model of a river running through trees with a person standing next to the river.
"Mini Model"


A wooden bat made by Allison Freels '23 (Theater Design & Technology)
"Equinox Bat"


Two watercolor paintings by Allison Freels '23 (Theater Design & Technology)
"Pixar Watercolor Study" (left) "Cezanne Watercolor Study" (right)


Two sketchbook drawings by Allison Freels '23 (Theater Design & Technology)
"Sketchbook" (left), "Neon Sketchbook" (right)


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