Albert Quesada is in a blue tee shirt and standing on gray and light blue colored tiles while he looks up and takes a selfie with his arms raised high

Albert Quesada is an adjunct professor in the Dance program at UArts. He is also a Spanish dancer and choreographer trained at MDT (Amsterdam), PARTS (Brussels), and Goddard (U.S.). At the heart of Quesada’s work is the exploration of musical structures and the invitation to perceive music more deeply. Quesada is intrigued by group movement and dynamics inspired by Thomas Hauert.


Albert Quesada creates works for the stage, screendances, and educational settings.

His solo works include Solo on Bach & Glenn (2008), Hundred Eighty (2008), Solos Bach & Gould (2010), and Rewrite (2016). Quesada’s duet works include Trilogy (2011), created with Vera Tussing, and OneTwoThreeOneTwo (2015).

His group choreography includes Ensemble (2012), Slow Sports (2012), Wagner & Ligeti (2014), Slow Sports Outdoors (2014), Slow Sports Kids (2015), and VIVA (2016). Other group choreography includes It’s time (2017), with Octavi Rumbau, Federica Porello, and Zoltán Vakulya; We Will Meet Again (2021) with Katie Vickers; Flamingos (2019), which won Best National Dance Piece in 2019; Fire Burns Slowly at First (2021); Desert (2022); Are You Talking To Me? (2022); and Dancing Biodiversity (2023).

Since 2009, Quesada has been dancing with the company ZOO, founded by Thomas Hauert. 

Currently, he is working on Beneath Flamenco and Unicornasaurus, as well as with Katie Vickers on The Sun is Always the Sun.

Visit Albert Quesada’s website. 

Awards & Accolades

  • Mercat de les Flors associate artist, 2018–2021

  • Best National Dance Piece, Flamingos, 2019

Albert Quesada holds a microphone and performs as water falls on to him from above and out of the frame on
Photo by Alfred Mauve
Albert Quesada performs on an outdoor stage and has one arm raided and one stretched out in front of while wearing a red shirt and black shorts
“OneTwoThreeOneTwo” by Albert Quesada; photo by Bert Van Dijk