An image of PhD in Creativity candidate Lorna Boucher.

PhD in Creativity

PhD candidate Lorna Boucher is the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Imperative Execution Inc.


When multiple people collaborate on a creative project, negotiations will need to arrive at consensus. How do members of a team find ways to integrate their individual visions with others?  How do we form effective teams? How do we lead them and provide input? Are there critical points in the collaborative creative process that require special attention? Are there signs when a team project is going well or off the rails? How do we steer it back on track? Boucher's dissertation focuses on articulating the dynamics of group creative process and how communication and leadership behaviors at various stages of a “project life cycle” might bring out creative ideas and enhance team performance.


David Yager, President Emeritus, University of the Arts

Zach Savich, Associate Professor, Cleveland Institute of Art; Visiting Program Faculty, the PhD in Creativity, University of the Arts

Amrita Subramanian, Faculty, Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

Lorna Boucher