photo of Abayomi Louard-Moore pictured wearing a light blue denim jacket with a goat skull collar pin and red backpack straps

MAT '21

Art Education (MAT)

Hidden worlds, dream worlds, nature, spirituality and fantasy are just a few of the themes that inform my work. My goal in creation is to connect to others like me and inspire a sense of nostalgia, magic and whimsy.

My name is Abayomi Louard-Moore and I am an illustrator and cartoonist. In my creative work, I strive to build narratives and histories that spark a recognition of some truth about self or the world in the viewer. Storytelling has become an important component of both my personal identity and creative work, and these two elements are innately intertwined for me. Through art-making, journaling, therapy and revisiting inspirations from childhood, I’ve worked to gain a deeper understanding of myself, my history and influences. I believe that through taking ownership of my own story, I’ll be able to connect with viewers through my work because in the individual story lies the universal. In better understanding myself, I am able to feed my creative work with themes, symbols and techniques that can speak to the viewer. As an impassioned art educator, it is my ambition to teach students how to use art to express their full, complex selves. My goal in art education is to empower students with a full, complex and confident sense of self and self-worth through a critical examination of their world via creative exploration. 

A Mess of Mint by Abayomi Louard-Moore MAT '21
"A Mess of Mint"


Dormant Guardian - Castle in the Sky Art Print
"Dormant Guardian - Castle in the Sky"


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost by Abayomi Louard-Moore
"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost"


The Keys to the Future by Abayomi Louard-Moore
"The Keys to the Future"


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