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Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)

Being an MBET major has changed my life. This program makes me feel seen and heard and has made my passions grow. I am learning more and becoming a better music industry professional every day. My success is all thanks to the incredibly diverse music and business curricula, and the most amazing professors on earth.

VH Management

From South Philadelphia, Victoria Hamersky was able to use her passion for music to repeatedly beat the odds. Now 19, Tori has been able to accomplish so much, all while juggling many chronic illnesses. With a deep passion for music business, Tori used her knowledge of the industry to create her own artist management company at age 18. With constant support from professors at UArts, VH Management was born. Outside of studying at UArts, Tori is the content manager at popular music blog Total Access Pass. There, she works with major labels on press campaigns, interviews and more. The main focus of her education is to learn as much as possible and be able to leave a mark on the music industry. Victoria's dream is to contribute to making the industry more inclusive for women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities.

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