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Inspiration Lab Artist-in-Residence Program

About the Inspiration Lab Artist-in-Residence Program

Unique among other programs, the Inspiration Lab at University of the Arts invites artists to apply to our artist-in-residence studio program, which provides artist studios for selected and invited individuals. As a part of the UArts community, visiting artists will have access to the faculty, staff, students, workshops and programming of a thriving arts institution located on the Avenue of Arts in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Inspiration Lab Artist-in-Residence Program at University of the Arts accelerates and cultivates contributions to contemporary knowledge production within the arts by providing devoted studio space, time, resources and access to key facilities and expertise for emerging and mid-career artists working across disciplines. Artists are invited to apply for studio residencies ranging from one semester to a full academic calendar year.

The Inspiration Lab (iLAB) studios are located on the Avenue of the Arts in the heart of Philadelphia in UArts’ Anderson Hall, an eight-story building devoted to the visual arts, design and museum studies.

The iLAB houses 10 individual studios, two central gallery and installation spaces, and one communal lounge.

Artists will also have the potential to utilize advanced workshops and labs across campus, based on availability and the scope of the project, including fabrication studios like the Albert M. Greenfield Makerspace; the Center for Immersive Media, which is devoted to new and emerging technology and provides the largest motion-capture stage in the region; the state-of-the-art Laurie Wagman Recording Studios; and numerous material workshops (e.g., wood, metal, plaster, ceramics, fibers, and printmaking and book arts).

Residencies are open to national and international artists over 21 years of age who demonstrate a strong professional creative practice. A broad range of disciplines will be considered, including, but not limited to, the visual arts, new media, performance, design, film, moving images, writing, choreography, curatorial practice and music composition. Small collaborative groups with a demonstrated history of professional creative practice accomplishment will be eligible to apply, but only one studio space will be available per group. Artists currently enrolled in full-time academic programs are not eligible to apply.

To cultivate relationships with the UArts and Philadelphia communities, each iLAB artist will be expected to give one public presentation of work, which may include an artist talk, performance, reading, screening or lecture that is relevant to their practice. They will also make their studios available to classes for studio visits, participate in open house and open studio events, contribute work to curated iLAB exhibitions in the project spaces and be open to visiting classes as guest speakers. In addition, all artists will have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff and students in developing their work, which may include connections to ongoing courses.

In addition, all artists in residence will receive free access to the studios; facilities as approved; and other UArts resources, including Lightbox Film Center, UArts Libraries and public programming. Artists in residence may also have the opportunity to audit certain courses, with approval from the director and the instructor and if space is available.

Finally, limited supplemental financial support by way of an $800 monthly stipend is awarded to selected artists by the selection committee.

What to Expect: Information for Applicants

UArts Residency fellowships provide 

  • Dedicated work and/or studio space.
  • Limited financial support by way of an $800 monthly stipend if awarded by the selection committee.
  • Access to UArts specialized centers, such as the Albert M. Greenfield Makerspace; the Center for Immersive Media; the Laurie Wagman Recording Studios; and numerous material workshops including wood, metal, plaster, ceramics, fibers and print/book arts shops.
  • Opportunities for culminating exhibitions for curatorial fellows and studio fellows.
  • Opportunities to design and participate in artist-led projects and public programming.


Expectations include

  • Completing the entire length of the residency program.
  • Giving one public presentation of work which may include an artist talk, performance, reading, screening or lecture as relevant to one’s practice.
  • Participating in a public open house, open studio events and group shows in the project spaces.
  • Relocating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the duration of the residency. (Note: Housing is not provided, as this is solely a studio residency.)


Review Process

Residency applications are reviewed by a committee of external artists and arts professionals, such as curators, academics, critics, a university dean and a former iLAB artist.

The application review process consists of an online review, a review panel meeting and an interview for selected finalists. The review process takes six to eight weeks from the application deadline. Notifications to all applicants will be sent via email after the selection panel has made its final decisions. Applications must be received by March 10, 2023, to be reviewed.

Submission Guidelines 

  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • A letter of interest that speaks to the following questions: 
    • What is your specific interest in participating in the Inspiration Labs Artist-in-Residence at the University of the Arts?
    • How will this residency impact your practice?  
    • How will you utilize access to the resources and space provided by the university and its community? 
  • The names and email addresses of three personal or professional references. Note: We do not want letters of reference.
  • Documentation of recent work
  • Documentation: Select from the following list of materials appropriate to your practice. Submit the type of materials that best represents your work.
    • Applicants may submit up to 15 work samples, which can be a combination of images, video, or audio files (maximum of 15 minutes of video and audio).
    • Visual (painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation, conceptual).
      • Submission of an image list with title, date, size, media and, when applicable, conceptual intent is optional.
    • Writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, screenwriting): Submit up to 20 pages of poetry, 30 pages of prose or one to two full-length plays/scripts.
    • Performance/Dance: Submit up to 30 minutes of video, along with any other material that adequately describes your work. Note: The first 10 minutes will be used for the primary review.
    • Film/video/new media: Submit up to 30 minutes of video. Note: The first 10 minutes will be used for the primary review.
    • Music/sound: Submit up to 30 minutes of audio and/or video. Note: The first 10 minutes will be used for the primary review.
    • Arts professionals (art writers and curators): Submit sufficient material to evidence the breadth of your work and interests, including reviews, essays and catalogs.
    • Architecture/environment: Review documentation requirements for visual artists.
    • Interdisciplinary arts: Review other categories to determine what materials you should submit.
  • Applications must be submitted by March 17, 2023.

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