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The Safe Zone program at UArts is a campus-wide initiative to raise knowledge and awareness about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ+) community at UArts.

We work to assist our campus in understanding the issues that LGBTQ+ students face and to educate our faculty, staff, and students about the resources that are available both here at UArts and in Center City. Safe Zone training involves a one hour session where we discuss cultural competence training about gender and sexuality, identity, and how to be an effective ally to LGBTQ+ students at UArts. Students also have an opportunity to receive Safe Zone Training during New Student Orientation. 

Faculty, staff, and students who complete Safe Zone can display a Safe Zone tag in their work environment. Safe Zone members will act as additional resources to LGBTQ+ students who want to find campus or local Philadelphia resources. 


UArts Safe Zone Trained Faculty/Staff Include:

Student Affairs    
Sara Kupferer AVP Student Services skupferer@uarts.edu
Maria de Santis AVP Academic Support Services – Student Affairs mdesantis@uarts.edu
Gina Giusto Student Affairs Coordinator ggiusto@uarts.edu
Career Services    
Elisa Seeherman Director of Career Services eseeherman@uarts.edu
Counseling Center    
Abe Zubarev


Safe Zone Facilitator   


Director of Counseling   


Chair, LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Committee

Tiffaney Dunbar Staff Therapist, Counseling Center tdunbar@uarts.edu
Ryan O’Laughlin Staff Therapist, Counseling Center rolaughlin@uarts.edu
Health Services    
Suzanne Scott Director of Health Services sscott@uarts.edu
Educational Accessibility    
David Thomas   



Educational Accessibility Advisor djthomas@uarts.edu
Office of Campus Life    
Kristin Burkett Director, Campus Life kburkett@uarts.edu  
Erik Cederholm New Student Orientation Coordinator ecederholm@uarts.edu
Advising Center    
Jordan Rockford   



Academic Advisor, Advising Center
Senior Lecturer, Photography
Title IX    
Lexi Morrison Title IX & Diversity Administrator, President’s Office lmorrison@uarts.edu
Cina Girard Executive Assistant, Admissions, Enrollment, & Student Affairs fgirard@uarts.edu
Shelton Walker Director of Communications, Enrollment Management shwalker@uarts.edu
Liz Gensemer Associate Director of Undergraduate Recruitment egensemer@uarts.edu
Michael Smith Associate Director of Admissions msmith@uarts.edu
Sarah Johnson Communications Coordinator, Enrollment Management sajohnson@uarts.edu
Rich Bardzik Communications Manager, Enrollment Management rbardzik@uarts.edu
Katy Scarlett Admissions Counselor kscarlett@uarts.edu
Shelly Silva Admissions Counselor shsilva@uarts.edu
Kenny Jones Admissions Counselor kejones@uarts.edu
Parris Moore Admissions Counselor pmoore@uarts.edu
Denise McLeod-Reed Graduate Admissions Administrator dmcleodreed@uarts.edu
Sam Mera-Candedo   



Former Admission Counselor  


Barbara Danin Acquisitions Assistant, University Libraries bdanin@uarts.edu


Wes Valdez Glass Studio Supervisor,


Co-Chair, LGBTQ Faculty Staff Committee

Barbara Proud   



Adjunct Associate Professor, Photography bproud@uarts.edu
Rachelle Schneider   


Administrative Assistant, School of Design raschneider@uarts.edu


Nick Embree Associate Dean, CPA & Associate Professor School of Theater nembree@uarts.edu
Ron Kerber   



Professor, School of Music.


Former Associate Dean of CPA

Bren Thomas   



Former Assistant to the Director, School of Dance  


 Liberal Arts    
Emily Mattingly Assistant Prof. & Director of 1st Year Writing emattingly@uarts.edu