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Committee Mission Statement

The UArts LGBTQ+ Committee was established in Fall 2015 to advance the needs and concerns of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Allies community.

This campus-wide committee, sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs, is composed of senior administrators, faculty and staff who are committed to nurturing a safe and inclusive environment for all people at UArts.

The UArts LGBTQ+ Committee seeks to increase understanding and cultural awareness as well as offer support, resources and information on our campus.

LGBTQ Committee Members 2016-2017

CURRENT LGBTQ Committee Members

Fall 2016-Spring 2017

Sara Kupferer Assistant VP for Student Services, Student Affairs  skupferer@uarts.edu
Maria de Santis Assistant VP for Academic Services, Student Affairs  mdesantis@uarts.edu
Connie Michael Associate Dean,


Liberal Arts & Dance Faculty

Nick Embree Associate Dean, CPA nembree@uarts.edu
Joe Rapone Associate Dean, CAMD & Faculty jrapone@uarts.edu
Lexi Morrision UArts Title IX & Diversity Coordinator lmorrison@uarts.edu
Jordan Rockford Academic Advisor & Photography Faculty jrockford@uarts.edu
David Thomas Educational Accessibility Advisor djthomas@uarts.edu
Emily Mattingly Director of First Year Writing, Liberal Arts Faculty emattingly@uarts.edu
Ron Kerber Associate Dean, CPA & Music Faculty rkerber@uarts.edu
Kristen Burkett Director, Campus Life  kburkett@uarts.edu
Barbara Proud Photography Faculty  bproud@uarts.edu
Esther Baker-Tarpaga Dance Faculty  ebakertarpaga@uarts.edu
Jesse Zaritt Dance Faculty jzaritt@uarts.edu
Kati Donovan Theater Faculty  kadonovan@uarts.edu
Rachelle Schneider School of Design  rschneider@uarts.edu
Hope Rovelto CAMD Core Studies Faculty hrovelto@uarts.edu
Katy Scarlett Admissions Counselor kscarlett@uarts.edu

For more information or to express an interest in joining this committee, please contact Abe Zubarev, Committee Chair (azubarev@uarts.edu).