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A Shelter-in-Place action is taken when there is a real or perceived threat to a building and there is a need for community members to secure themselves until the danger has passed. Members of the campus community will be notified of taking Shelter-in-Place via the UArts Alert system, which includes email, Portal alert and text message (if opted in), as well as via intercom system in the buildings.

During a Shelter-in-Place exercise, all members of the community are instructed to:

  • Secure themselves in their current location
  • Turn off lights to the room
  • Lock doors
  • Stay away from windows
  • Turn cell phones on silent or vibrate
  • Await further instructions from the University by monitoring UArts Alert, homepage and/or email

Once it is safe, an all-clear message will be given for people to return their regular activities or to exit the building.