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Juniper Hall is mainly reserved for upperclassmen who apply to live on campus during the housing lottery. Each year, a small number of first-year students may be assigned to this hall. The apartments are either one bedroom, housing two students, or two bedroom, housing four students. Juniper is a 10-story residence hall that offers all the conveniences of home, while being centrally located in the middle of a vibrant city.

Apartments in Juniper all have central heating and air conditioning, modern kitchens with full-size refrigerator, stove and microwave ovens, and large windows that allow plenty of light into the apartment. Located within Juniper Hall is a commuter and resident lounge, laundry facilities on each floor, a soda machine in the lobby and the package distribution center.

Like all of our residence halls, 24-hour emergency maintenance, public safety and professional staff are available to address students' needs.

Meet the Staff

Bridget Irelan
Juniper Hall Director

Liv Rand
Graduate Hall Director

Chanel Howard, RA
2nd & 3rd Floor

Julia Pilkus, RA
4th Floor

Colin Sass, RA
5th Floor

Kiley Corcoran, RA
6th Floor

Noa Denmon, RA
7th Floor

Jene Sato, RA
8th Floor

Julia Davis, RA
9th Floor

Indigo Sparks, RA                           
10th Floor

Please follow this link for the Juniper mailing address.