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Support Groups
Each semester UArts Counseling may offer a variety of therapy groups. Therapy groups are a form of counseling, focusing on developing insight and behavior change. Five to eight group members  (who all must be current UArts students) meet with one or two group therapists once per week for 1.5 hours throughout the semester. The starting dates will vary and enrollment is free. Group therapy provides a unique opportunity for small groups of students to meet and share common concerns, explore difficulties and learn new skills. Depending on student need and attendance, we can offer support groups to UArts students pertaining to specific populations as well as specific concerns (i.e., LGBT students, social skills training, stress management, art therapy groups, etc).

How Do I Join a Group?
If you are already working with a therapist at UArts Counseling, express your interest to your therapist and a referral can be made. If you are not currently utilizing our services, please come in for a triage walk-in screening and a referral to a group (either forming or for the following semester) can be made. This screening will help to determine if a group may be helpful to the student and also to assess if enough students on campus are interested in a particular group to be offered. Once a group forms, it is usually closed to new members until the following cycle. During group sessions, members discuss issues of concern and offer support and feedback to each other. Confidentiality is strictly respected.