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On-Campus Housing
The availability of on-campus housing is limited. Therefore, tuition and housing deposits for ESLI must be received by the appropriate housing deposit deadline to guarantee on-campus housing reservations for the Fall and Spring semesters. On-campus housing for the Summer semester is guaranteed if full payment is received by the billing deadline.



Juniper Hall Student Lounge                                                Pine Hall Student Lounge


On-campus housing requests made after the deposit deadlines will be based upon on-campus housing availability.

More detailed information on ESLI tuition, fees and deadlines is available here.

On-Campus Housing Application
To apply for on-campus housing, contact the Office of Student Life.

Students are required to submit a non-refundable $200 Housing Reservation Deposit and $300 UArts Tuition Deposit.

Please note that your Housing Reservation Deposit will not be processed unless a Tuition Deposit has also been received.

All on-campus housing consists of apartments with fully equipped kitchens.  For more information about UArts on-campus housing, please visit the Residential Life page.

Off-Campus Housing
Many UArts students live off campus. Please contact the ESL Institute for more information if you are interested in off-campus housing.