Mission Statement
The Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs values and supports the unique, transformative educational experience of the University of the Arts. We support students' total educational experience: their admission and transitions into and out of the University, their creative process and their professional lives. We advocate for and provide a holistic approach to every student with programs and services that foster their intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being. We are committed to the values of integrity, diversity, community, collaboration and inclusiveness.

Division Goals
With an ethic of care throughout all Enrollment Management & Student Affairs departments, we endeavor to help students:

  • develop realistic expectations of the unique UArts experience, college-level learning and art-making in an urban environment
  • foster connections with one another and with others within the campus community
  • become fully aware of campus resources
  • develop critical-thinking skills
  • learn to lead healthy and productive lives
  • learn to advocate for themselves and become independent adults
  • develop an appreciation for those different from themselves
  • understand and build connections between their intellectual, artistic and personal lives
  • develop personal and professional goals and an effective post-graduation plan


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Tuition & Financial Aid

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Student Affairs

Our office administers a diverse range of programs and services designed to foster the success and well-being of all UArts students.

Meet Our Staff

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