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Tips for adjusting to a new culture:

  1. Be open-minded: you will be experiencing many new situations and types of people; keeping your mind open will make your adjustment easier.
  2. Have a sense of humor. Some situations you encounter will be difficult and confusing; sometimes finding humor in these moments relaxes us and helps us to solve problems or clarify confusion with more ease and confidence.
  3. Communicate your feelings and thoughts with others. Please be sure to let people know how you are feeling in ways that are as respectful, kind, and as humble as possible.
  4. Be curious and explore your new environment with enthusiasm.
  5. Be tolerant of other cultural beliefs. You will experience a very diverse population at The University of the Arts through the international and national student population, as well as in the city of Philadelphia. It is important to again remain open-minded.
  6. Be positive.
  7. Maintain a strong sense of self. While it is important to speak English fluently and adapt to life in the US, you should remain proud and connected to your culture. Through our Global Exchange Network, you will be encouraged to share some aspects of your culture through our programming.

If you are having some difficulties adjusting, please see Mara Flamm, Director, International Student Programs (mflamm@uarts.edu; 215.717.6621), and she can help you find ways to make your adjustment easier. Additionally, if you are having difficulties adjusting and feeling depressed, please visit our Counseling Center at Gershman, 308, 215.717.6611.